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Number Series I – Number Series Tricks To Solve Questions in J&K Bank PO/BA Exam

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Tips to understand Maths better

Maths is the highest scoring subject, yet most of the students find it difficult to understand the real-life application of Mathematics.

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Trick Alert: Learn How to get “Day of the Week” for any Date Manually

A trick to find out the day of the week for any date. You can find any date between...

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Trick Alert: Fastest way to find HCF of numbers – Exclusively on AEIRO

HCF or Highest Common Factor is the biggest number that can divide each of the numbers in question. You can find HCF of two or more numbers.

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Trick Alert: Fastest way to find the square of any two digit number in mind.

A quick trick to help you square any two digit number in mind. This will change your perception entirely about how you square.

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Fastest Method to Multiply any number with 11.

Trick to show you how to multiply any number by 11 the fastest way. Mind blowing method. If you are an aspirant of MAT or UGAT, must learn for you.

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