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Maximum Marks: 100

Semester Examination: 40

Practical: 30

Internal Assessment: 30



  • Introduction to – Concepts of Data, Information, Information Systems & End Users.
  • Systems Concepts: Open System, Closed System; Information Systems and Systems Concept.
  • Building Information System: System Analysis and Design – Systems Development Cycle (Identification of Requirements, Feasibility Study, System Analysis, Design And Implementation), Prototyping
  • Evolution of Information Systems: TPS,OAS,MIS,DSS,EIS,ES


  • Decision Making: Introduction and Definitions, Simons Decision Making Model, How Decisions are Supported, DSS Configurations, DSS Characteristics and Capabilities
  • Components of DSS, DSS Classifications DSS Modeling-Static and Dynamic Models, Certainty, Uncertainty, and Risk, Sensitivity Analysis, What-IF, and Goal Seeking,
  • Making Decisions in Groups: Group Decision Support System(GDSS),Characteristics, Process, Benefits, and Dysfunctions, Supporting Group work with Computerized Systems, Tools for Indirect and Indirect Support of Decision Making, From GDSS to GSS


  • Knowledge Management System: Definition and types of Knowledge, Frame work for Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Representation Techniques: Rules, Frames, Semantic Networks
  • Introduction to Business Intelligence: Origins and Drivers of Business Intelligence, General Process of Intelligence Creation and Use, Characteristics of Business Intelligence,
  • Towards Competitive Intelligence, Successful BI Implementation, Structure and Components of BI, Future trends.


  • Data Warehousing Definitions and Concepts, Types of Data warehouse.
  • Business Analytics -Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), Reporting and Queries, Multidimensionality
  • Knowledge Discovery in Databases(KDD), framework of KDD.
  • Data Mining Concepts and Applications, Framework of datamining, Text Mining, Web Mining Usage, Benefits, and Success of Business Analytics

Note:-Lab work relating to analysis and modeling will be based on MS-Excel or any other DSS software.

Suggested Readings:

1. Turban, Efrain : Decision Support & Business Intelligent Systems(8e)- Pearson Education
2. Marakas, George.M. : Decision Support Systems in the 21st century – Pearson Education
3. Mallach, Efrem G. : Decision Support & data Warehouse Systems – Tata McGraw-Hill
4. Laudon : ?Managing A Digital Firm?, Pearson Publishing.
5. Keen,Peter G.W.: Decision Support System and Organizational Perspective Addison-Wesley Pub.
6. Theierauff, Robert J. Decision Support System for effective planning—Prentice Hall, 1982.
7. Krober,Donald W., and Hugh J. Watson Computer Based Information System New York,1984.
8. Andrew P Decision Support System Engineering, Sage, John Wiley & Sons, New York,1991.
9. Leod. Raymond Me JR Management information System- Macmillian Publishing Company, New York-5th edition-1993.

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