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Maximum Marks: 100

Semester Examination: 70

Internal Assessment: 30



Nature, Significance and scope of Marketing; Company Orientations towards the market place; Marketing concepts, Trends and Tasks; Strategic Marketing planning; Scanning the Marketing Environment; Marketing Research; Creating customer value, Satisfaction, and loyalty.


Consumer Behaviour; Factors influencing consumer Behaviour and Buying decision process; Segmenting consumer and business Markets; Market Targeting; Building Strong Brands-Dealing with competition, Creating Brand Equity; Crafting Branding positions; Product Management; Product life cycle, New product and Decisions; Product packaging and labelling.


Pricing objectives and approaches; Factors affecting pricing decisions; Pricing Strategies; Price Changes;. Marketing channels and value Networks; Role of Marketing channels; Channel design and channel Management Decisions; Factors affecting distributors decisions; Channel conflict and its Management. Growth in Retailing Industry and Strategic decisions in Retail business.


Marketing communications, Developing effective communications, Advertising, Sales promotion, public Relations; Personal Selling and Direct Marketing; Internal Marketing; Socially Responsible Marketing.

Note:-The list of cases and specific references will be announced by the concerned faculty in the class at the time of launching of the course.

Suggested Readings:

1. Gary Armstrong and Philip Kotler, “Marketing: An Introduction” Prentice Hall;
2. Philip Kotler, and Keller, “Marketing Management” Prentice Hall;
3. Ramaswamy, V.S. and Namakumari, S, “Marketing Management, Planning, Control” Macmilliam, New Delhi;
4. Stanton, William,J.Fundamentals of Marketing, New York, McGraw Hill ;
5. Rajan Saxena, “Marketing Management” McGraw Hill Companies.

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